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If you decide your life style can be adjusted to suit a Bloodhound there is plenty of help and advice available. This list of websites have contact details for members of the ABB who will only be too happy to talk to you about bloodhounds.    ( if a member would like to announce their litter on this page please contact Fiona Mckenzie here

Single UK Subscription £20

Overseas single subscription £25

Paypal payments are temporarily unavailable ,

UK Joint members subscription £25

Overseas joint  subscription £30



The Association of Bloodhound Breeders  are aware that in recent times, increasing prices and ‘scams’ are becoming commonplace when purchasing puppies, particularly where litters are found online. Prices do vary, and that is to be expected but if you are being asked to pay far over the average then consider your options. Increased price does not  guarantee quality or health .During the past 18 months the price of Bloodhound  puppies has increased above that which would be normally expected . The website Champdogs shows average prices for the last 20 years . (Please note that the ABB do not necessarily endorse this website, nor any breeders or puppies found on this website, you need to carry out your own checks on any advertisements and the same can be said for any other websites ) 

We are happy to talk to potential new owners about the breed and strongly recommend that you meet a fully grown hound before  considering taking on this challenging breed.

A good breeder will not be offended to be asked lots of questions, - a good breeder will always be willing to take the hound back at any time for whatever reason . You should also expect to be asked a lot of questions. You should always be able to see the bitch with  the pups . If something doesnt feel right - don’t,  there will be another puppy for you.

The ABB advise  that anyone considering a puppy should read the advice on the Kennel club website

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