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                                                      Championship Show 2023
               Many thanks to our Judge Leo Pogodzinski, Steward Mary Fish, show photographer                      Frankie Watts and of course all the exhibitors and helpers for making it a great day

PD 1e 1st  Priestleys Marksbury Railside of Quikotic Res BP

JD 1e  1st Dixons Badgershill Broke all the rules (IKC)

ND 1e 1st Davis Maplemead Marquis

PG 0e LD 1e 1ab OD 0e

VD 1e 1st Priestleys Ch Railside Pluto at Quikotic  Res DCC

WTD 1e 1st Penningtons Moorlander Guy Laroche DCC

ChD 1e 1st Priestleys Maplemead Malazar of Quikotic

PB0e JB 2e 1st Howie/Emrys-jones/Avery/Miller Marksbury Regina at Milvery  res BCC BP,    2nd Alfords Maplemead Mable

NB 2e 1ab 1st Davis’ Maplemead Marguerite

PGB 3e 1ab 1st Watts Maplemead Miss Melba

2nd Watsons Kenynten Cinnaon Whisky

LB 1e 1st Clarks Boru’s Element od Surprise at Farlap (imp can) BCC

OB 1e 1st Clark/Hayden  Ch Farlap Qui Martha

VB 0e WTB 1e 1ab ChB 0e

Brace 1st Priestleys 2nd Davis’


Junior handling - Skye Dutton with Carlos

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