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It was lovely to return to Cholmondley , and to have many prizes awarded .  Thanks to Duncan & Jill for organising  these trials ,The Judges , Managers, assistants and of course the line-walkers and competitors for their support.

  1897 - 2022                                       

Cholmondeley Results 

Novice  - Judge Richard Oldfield

1st and ID trophy  Prices Moorlander Rochas

2nd  Priestleys Ch  Maplemead  Malazar of Quikotic

3rd Corner & Turnbulls  Railside Queen Bumblebee

COM Bals Infinity Star Life for Modest

Best Handler Hannah Pennington

Intermediate  - Judge Ian Henderson
1st Freers Maple Bay Northern Star


Junior - Judge Krist'l Bal

1st Watts Maplemead Doris at Anvilhounds

2nd  and ID trophy Harringtons Moorlander Cacharel

COM Wallaces  Sherlock Jackson

Senior - Judge Jill Harrington

COM Priestleys Ch Railside Pluto at Quikotic

Photos courtesy of Frankie Watts and Leonarda Pogodzinski 

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